woocommerce reply to email header

WooCommerce emails add reply to header

A client was having issues with bounce back due to customers entering incorrect email addresses, so I updated the outbound email address used by WooCommerce to “[email protected]”, this meant any bounce backs would go to a null mailbox instead of to their mains “[email protected]” mailbox. However, this meant when customers hit reply, it would reply
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NCDU – Find what’s using all your disk space on linux based system

NCDU is a text-based user interface, it allows you to visually see how and where disk space is being used via an easy-to-use interface. Simple run the command in the current directory to see a directory tree of folders & files and their space usage. I use this tool mainly for analysing why a server
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WooCommerce delayed webhooks using actions scheduler

Recently been contacted by a user who needed the ability to delay the WooCommerce webhooks by x time, this would allow other processes happening on the site to finish instead of firing the webhook straight away, for example waiting for the payment process to finalise. Delaying webhooks is not common practice, however some time special
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