NCDU – Find what’s using all your disk space on linux based system

NCDU is a text-based user interface, it allows you to visually see how and where disk space is being used via an easy-to-use interface. Simple run the command in the current directory to see a directory tree of folders & files and their space usage.

I use this tool mainly for analysing why a server is running out of disk space, determine the reason why and if it’s simply expanded the disk space or is there unused files / massive logs which can be purged.


Run the required command for your linux OS version.

sudo apt install ncdu

sudo yum install ndcu

How to use

Simple navigate to a directory you want to check and run the command:


If you want to scan the whole system go to the root directory:

cd /

You can also specify a directory if you don’t want to change directory:

ncdu /home

Windows Server / PC

For windows-based machines I use a bit of software called TreeSize, it does the same thing as NCDU, allowing you to see how your disk space is being used on a windows based OS.

TreeSize on windows PC showing disk space usage

TreeSize on windows PC showing disk space usage


This is provided as it and may require changes to work for your needs.


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