cPanel – Sender x has an outgoing mail hold. Message will be reattempted later.

A client was having issues sending emails and receiving a number of alerts regarding delayed emails. After looking investigating a number of outbound emails where queued with a failure reason of:

The account in question had hit the sending limits configured within cPanel and there emails where being held.


It is important you pre-check and make sure the hold is not legitimate such as a spam attempt / hacked site, I checked the emails being sent and due to a influx in online orders there email usage per day has significantly increased.

1st Attempt

Try running the following commands under sudo / root, replaceing [accountname] with the cpanel account name of the user. Then try send an email or retry sending an email in the queue.

2nd Attempt

The above worked for a couple accounts, but for one this did not work. There is 3 files depending on the type of block. Have a look in the following files below and remove the accountname / email address if present.

I found my user within “/etc/outgoing_mail_suspended_users” and once removed, everything went back to normal.

It is recommended a professional under takes these actions, please always backup existing files / configs.

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  1. Sergio

    Another easy way to fix this is to enter to the cPanel owner of the user email and go to list the email accounts, on the email account click the “manage” button and unset the “hold” option.