Virtualmin update Apache, PHP, MySQL and BIND to latest

Updating of PHP is a much simpler task than the others as we will be using a repository full of PHP related files, first we need to add this repository to our system by default it is disabled so you don’t have to worry about it updating any other system software apart from PHP which can only occur if we initiate it manually.

The command above will download and install the repository files in our system and the next command will begin the update of are PHP installation to the latest version in the repository which is 5.3.6.

If you don’t have PHP installed you can replace update with install to install a fresh copy of PHP and all required packages. On my Virtualmin system I experienced an issue where the PHP MySQL module didn’t update or install so my PHP installation couldn’t interface with my MySQL server; this was fixed by running the following commands.

You can find a list of all the available packages and how to install a specific version of PHP by reading this post.

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