Virtualmin update Apache, PHP, MySQL and BIND to latest

First we need to download a rpm for our system architecture and version of mysql-server we wish to install in this case I am installing on a 32bit operating system and mysql-server 5.5.10.

Here is a link to the mysql-server rpm I will be using for installation; to download the file to the system we can use wget if it’s not found then run yum install wget.

The command above will download the mysql-server rpm into the directory we are current in which should be /tmp; there are some other files we need to update before installation which are mysql and mysql-lib. To find them you use the exact same method we used to download the mysql-server file.

The two commands above will download the two RPM’s I will be using to install the required packages. The next step is to install mysql-libs, mysql and mysql-server which are done by typing the following commands.

You may receive some messages about file conflicts if you do then please add –-force to the end of the command and that will force the new files to overwrite the old files, if you receive any messages about missing dependencies then you will need to install or update them to the required version, if it complains about a file being needed by an older version of mysql-server then use the –-nodeps option which will force the installation and overwrite the old files. For example the commands I have to run on my system are:

Now my MySQL is updated to 5.5.10 but we are not finished just yet, because MySQL was update we need to run a command which will check through are database tables and make any modifications so that it is compatible with the new version of MySQL.

The following command will go through the database and fix any errors you must replace yourpassword with the MySQL root password.

A restart of mysql will finish the process.

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