Removing glued tyres

It’s time to remove my Super Swamper tyres from the plastic rims they are glued to, I’ve got new metal beadlocked rims, foams and weights which you can see in this post.

First step was to put a pan of water on full boil with the wheel in it. The idea is to boil the wheel and hopefully the glue will begin to crack and become brittle allowing you to carefully pull the tyre off.

2015-10-07 22.42.10

I left it on full boil for a good 10 minutes just to make sure, I am not sure if there is a science to this.

2015-10-07 22.50.25

Now when I took it out it was very hot, be very careful as boiling water may have got into your foams so when you apply pressure you may get a painful surprise.

2015-10-07 22.54.53

I carefully started pulling the tyre away from the rim until one tiny section separated, I then followed this around the rim and gradually separated more of the type.

2015-10-07 22.58.46

After about 10 minutes of carefully pulling and pushing I managed to free one side of the rubber.

2015-10-07 22.59.57

Now it was time for the other side, this side was not so easy. I managed to get the first bit to separate by pushing the rim through the tyre, hopefully you get the idea from the image.

2015-10-07 23.01.16

I then decided I would pull out the existing weights and foams, giving me extra room to apply force. The weights are actually in good shape, so I will reuse these.

2015-10-07 23.05.05

I put the tyre back on boil, been out for a good 20 minutes now, and the glue on this side of the wheel is very strong.

2015-10-07 23.08.56

Eventually with the help of a normal kitchen eating knife I was able to break the rest of the glue without damaging the tyre.

2015-10-07 23.15.05

Now I have to repeat this step for the next 3 wheels and then begin fitting the beadlocks.

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