Automatic MySQL database backups and zipping on windows with a bat file

It is important you double check your configuration before running this script! We cannot be held responsible for any damage this may cause.

Need to backup all your databases on a MySQL windows server? Red Olive have created a simple windows batch file to export all database tables and zip, including deleting older backups! It’s quite simple to setup look at their website.

Their version is configured for a US date/time format, I am in the UK with UK based date/time formats, I have made a modified version of the script available below.

You should setup a scheduled task to run the bat file on a regular interval, the more often you perform backups the easier it will be for you if there is a failure and you require to restore a backup.

We also advise you look at a process for storing backups at remote location, if you backup to a Dropbox folder your backups will be uploaded to the cloud, protecting you if the server dies or has disk failure!

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