Windows 10 Subsystem for Linux Ubuntu

I have always been more of a Windows based developer and used Linux based systems for server technologies, I have tried in the past to move to Linux but I am to fixed in my way and prefer the tools I have on windows! Is that a bad thing, I dont no? however with Windows 10 comes Subsystems which allows you to run a Linux based Ubuntu as part of a subsystem working jointly with your windows 10 operating system.

Im not talking about a VM or dual booting, I am talking about the ability to go to windows command line and type “ubuntu” and a full fledged ubuntu system from the command line starts up and allows you to run various tools, applications and services all within Ubuntu within Windows 10!

Microsoft site has a simple guide to follow to install the linux subsystem here.


1. Enabled windows subsystems for Linux


2. Install Ubuntu via Windows Store

Open Microsoft Store and search for Ubuntu and click install

3. Initialise Setup

Open command line and type ubuntu to start the ubuntu instance, it will take you throught a initialisation stage


What next? have play around with Ubuntu on windows. For development purposes I am going to be using it with Docker! allowing me to control my Windows Docker environment from the Ubuntu Linux, as it allows me to use all the Linux based command structures and pipes making the experience even smoother and more powerful.

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