Whats going on?

Well it’s been a long time since I have done a post or any work related to any of the projects I have been working on and they have been on hold. I am starting to begin blogging again due to me recently finished university and starting a new job as a junior software developer I basically spend all hours of the day sitting in from of a computer doing what i love and getting paid for it, who can complain :). I got my exam results back a couple of days ago and I have passed all my units giving me a HND Computing qualification, I can’t decide if I want to maybe upgrade it to a degree in web development through open university but I do know for the moment I just want work and blog.

I will be getting back to work on Bitsy.eu in the new couple of weeks Imp going on holiday soon so going to start after that, I want to finish it as at the moment there are allot of issues including being used for illegal activities as one person pointed out, they took their time to email me with a bunch of url which were being used on my service which pointed to viruses (which have now been removed), I want to adjust my service to combat this type of activity. I’ve also purchased a second domain (http://bsy.me/) which is a alias of http://bitsy.eu/ its basically just a shorter domain so that your shorten links can be even smaller for services such as twitter where every character counts.

Found a brilliant song you may all like as well.


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