SEO: Finding commenatable blogs via Google

Google is one of the biggest search engines with billions of pages, you enter in some keywords and it will find related pages. Google has some advanced search commands which allow you to refine your search results, I will be showing you how to refine your search results down to just blogs which you have the ability to leave a comment.


Commenting on blogs which have relevant content to your website is a method to try and drive users to your website and also generate back links, for this to work you need to post legitimate comments (relate you comment to there content) and make sure you fully read the blog post first. If it is obvious you are just spamming or trying to get back links it will be treated as spam and will most probably have a negative effect on your websites SEO.


Simple type one of the following commands into Google and adjust the keyword(s) values to match the keywords you want to target.

For example lets take the last command and I want to target PHP blogs using the keyword PHP, I would adjust the last line to look like:

This will now find all websites which match the following criteria:

  • Is a .net domain
  • The word “blog” exists in the URL
  • The sentence “post a comment” is found on the page
  • The sentence “comments closed” is not found on the page
  • The sentence “you must be logged in” is not found on the page
  • The word “php” if sound within the content

As you can see from the following image I simply just entered the command into Google and it gave me a bunch of websites. You an see that the keywords are highlighted in the websites description.

Finding commenatable blogs via Google