Scotland Holiday

Just thought I would let you all know how my holiday in Scotland is going and that as soon as I get back I will be creating more posts. Ive already got a bunch of PHP posts I need to write up or finish so be ready for a wave of posts.

Scotland is an amazing place if you love mountains, lochs and waterfalls you have to be willing to put up with sunless days, wind and rain but thats just scottish weather in one. Some of the roads aren’t great and quite dangerous. We are staying in Fort William and the main road which leads into the highlands is literally only big enough to fit two cars down side by side even though this road is being used by trucks, cars, lorries, mobile homes and anything else which goes on a road. You’ve got to be really vigilant to whats coming or a collision could happen easily; we almost has a crash due to a woman deciding she was going to pull into a layby last minute causing the car in front to do an emergency stop and then me. I was literally 1 car length away and ended up about 30cm from hitting the car in front (April, my girlfriend is to scared to go on these types of roads so i have to take over driving).

Just before we left I purchased a Canon 500D DSLR which came with the default lense and a 75-300mm lense due to Jessops having a special offer on. Because April has her own fashion blog and wanted a lense suitable for the pictures she wants, we bought a 50mm 1.8 lense which cost £95 from Jessops which is canons cheapest lense.

Here is some pictures we have taken and a video of a waterfall all taken with the Canon 500D DSLR camera. You can view all the pictures which have been taken from my picture gallery located here.

[local /wp-content/uploads/2011/06/Falls_of_Foyers_scotland.wmv nolink]

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