Local website & services remotely accessible via secure tunnels with ngrok

Need an easy way to allow external network users to access services or websites on your local machine? ngrok allows you to easily create a secure tunnel from ngroks servers to your machine. For a web developer, this is a dream come true, this is a great way to demo a development whilst in the early stages, saves time uploading to a server.

  • Allows access to your locally hosted web server from a unique domain
  • Can use your own domains
  • Works with vHost files
  • Allows testing of website which require an external accessible point such as payment gateways or oAuth
  • Can tunnel other services such as PhoneGap allowing users external to your network to test your mobile app
  • Various API and IoT implementations
  • Easy / quick private networking, VPN benefits

These are only a short list of what is possible using ngrok. Look at their website for a full list of its powerful features and get started.


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