Making Internet Explorer development easier

Internet Explorer (IE) also known to some as Internet Exploder or the worst browser on the internet causes headaches for a lot of us developers. IE has what I would call a lack of tools or features, IE7  lacks the abilities to show images with a alpha channel which is something we take for granted these days, this is just one of many features used on modern websites which us developers have to combat against due to IE limitations.

The main issue is that people are still using IE7 and IE8 which are very out dated, both of these versions of IE don’t support many of the new technologies meaning us developers have to be careful which normally results in hours of extra time writing code specific for each browser version so that the pages render correctly.

Thank fully people have realized these issues and have written some JavaScript libraries we can use to try and fix / add features to IE to make development a lot easier.


A great library I use often which adds HTML5 support to IE8 and below.


Tries to fix various issues with IE7 so you can spend a considerable amount less making sure your website renders correctly in IE7.

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