CentOS: Installing cron, cronjobs or cron daemon (crond)

All operating systems have some kind of scheduling ability on Windows we have task scheduler on Linux we have cron both of these accomplish the same task which is allowing us to run scripts or programs automatically based on different events, times and days. From my experience people tend to call the task scheduling system on Linux various things such as cron, cronjob(s), crond and cron daemon all of these are fine but the proper more correct is either crond or cron daemon as the cron system is a daemon process running in the background of the Linux operating system.

This is how I install crond onto my CentOS server edition as it doesn’t seem to come preinstalled, this might not be true for other distributions and the following command may not work for all distributions.

If the yum command is not found on your system then you most probably should be using the apt-get syntax.

If the installation package is not found then try one of the following commands, if that fails there is always Google or comment on my post and I will give you a hand.

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