Beginning work on the fenders (Defender D90)

I’ve decided I don’t like the plastic fenders which are molded onto the shell so off they come. As I’m using a Vaterra Ascender chasse the wheels are hitting the shell creating a horrible plastic noise when turning (the RC4WD D90 shell is designed for a SCX10 chassis so the wheels don’t align perfectly).

I’ve managed to acquire some rubber fenders, came in a set of 4. Here is a link where I brought them. Took about a week to arrive but I am very happy with them.

2015-10-06 21.14.41

Being rubber they look much more realistic, whilst I will be cutting the wheel arches bigger granting more room for the tyre, I still expect some binding but the rubber should flex more easily than the plastic.

2015-10-06 21.14.14

I’ve gone and cut the fender off the first wheel and increased the arching allowing the wheel to fit more in centre, it’s defiantly an improvement. If you’re wondering what tools I used….

2015-10-06 21.14.08

Yep that’s a jigsaw blade clamped into a clamp plier, worked perfectly. I would recommend using clamp pliers as you don’t have to waste energy trying to hold the blade.

2015-10-06 21.47.22

So let’s see how the rubber fender looks, to me that looks a lot better. There is a notch in the rubber so it slides onto the shell. I am only holding it with my fingers but I will be using tire glue to hold it on once I have resprayed the shell.

2015-10-06 21.48.19

I’ve decided I like the look of the fender starting slightly back, it also gives the wheel slight more room when turning which is a plus. Now let’s do the other 3 which will have to wait for another day as its getting late.

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